Drama script : Laura's Life

Laura’s Life

Synopsis                 : Laura is blind girl . She sad with her condition. She want to death. But, her Babysister is very nice. Laura has a friend. She is Catherine. She is deaf and hyperactive girl. They’re always playing together. But, Amanda laura’s mother don’t like with laura. She not agree if Laura school in Special School.

Drama Script         :
Laura                        : I am alone! I am blind girl. I can’t see anythings. Everyone feels i’m parasite. I am destroyer. I’m always broked everything in my home. I  can’t helps my parents . I can’t control myself. I want to death!!!  (She roars)
(Jenny’s laura babysiter enters in Laura’s room)
Jenny                       : Laura, are you oke? Why are you criying, baby?
Laura                        : I want to death, Jenny. My life for nothing. I cant’t do anythings.
Jenny                       : Stop blaming your self! I care you. I’ll safe you. You’re very important to me.
Laura                        : But, Mum don’t like me. He hate me. He want to my death.
Jenny                       : That not right. She love you. You’re her daughter. Don’t criying again! Ok?
Laura                        : Ok, Jenny.
(Catherine  enters)
Catherine               : Hi, Laura!
Laura                        : Are you Catherine?
Catherine               : I have a chocolate. Are you want eat?
Laura                        : I ask you, are you Catherine?
Catherina               : Pardon?
Laura                        : Are you Catherine? (with loundly)
Catherine               : Yes, this right. You very smart. How you to know it?
Laura                        : I can hear your voice.
Jenny                       : I’ll cook again. Catherine, please make Laura fun!
Cathrine                 : Sure, Mrs Jenny.
(Jenny out from Laura’s room)
Catherine               : Why are you crying? Can you play with me?
Laura                        : Yes, I can do it. But, I must tell my babysister.
(Laura and Catherine go to kitchen)
Catherine               : Mrs Jenny, can Laura come out to play?
Jenny                       : No, you’re can’t do it. I worry with Laura’s condition.
Laura                        : I’m fine. Catherine’ll safe me. Please, Jenny!
Jenny                       : You can play in this home. You can play your dolls.
Laura                        : Ok, Jenny.
                                    Catherine, where’re you go?
Catherine               : Laura, can you catch me?
Laura                        : where are you?
Catherine               : I’m in there. You can’t catch me…
Laura                        : Catherine!!!
Catherine               : Whee.. Whee… (imitate the airplane)
Laura                        : I’m found you. Don’t run!
Catherine               : Whee.. Whee..
Laura                        : Catherine. I’ll catch you! (Laura is clashing with her mum)
Amanda                  : Shut up, you two! I’m trying to watch reality show. Play outside!
Jenny                       : Its ok, Amanda. Laura just playing with Catherine.
(Jenny shunts Laura and Catherine outside)
Jenny                       : Are you want cup of tea, Amanda?
Amanda                  : Sure, I’m thirsty.
(Jenny reheats the kettle and starts to make two cups of tea)
Jenny                       : Laura want to school. She’s need a education.
Amanda, please hear me! Laura want to school. I think she need school in Special School. She’ll be smarter.
Amanda                  : Jenny, shut it! She’s not normal. She blind. She can’t see in around him. She always need help from other people. She don’t need a education.
Jenny                       : What?!? Are you want,,
Amanda                  : What’s function of education if she can’t see? This not important. Its can’t make moneys.
Jenny                       : She’s still only ten. She’s still children. She need a education.
(Jenny hands Amanda a cup of tea)
Amanda                  : Thanks, Jenny. Did you put  sugar in the cup?
(Jenny smiles and shakes her head)
(Amanda take a sip, frowns and passes the cup back to her)
Amanda                  : It needs sugars
(Jenny puts sugars in Amanda’s cup and stirs it)
Amanda                  : (He take the cup back) She can as gardener without education. She can as farmer without education. She is blind. She can’t take a education. I don’t like fighting with you. Better go. Second half’s about to start. (He leave the room with his tea)
(Jenny rattles a tea spoon against the inside of her own cup)
Jenny                       : Are you want Laura as gardener?


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